We have 20 + years of experience with custom sharpening, fitting and repairs!

The Outpost Ice Arenas offers you the best professional technical service available anywhere, to help protect and maintain the investment you've made in your skates. All skate sharpening fees must be paid in advance.

New Skates (first sharpening) New skates purchased from the Outpost Ice Arenas receive their first sharpening free! $15.00
Re-Sharpen (with 24 hour advance drop-off) $5.00
While-You-Wait Sharpening $8.00
Rush Fee (less than 24 hour drop-off); $6.00
Rivets $1.00 each
Blade Mounting or Re-Mounting for freestyle, figure and ice dance blades $10.00
Boot Conditioning
polishing of the upper sole, waxing, or sole varnishing
Single-Point Stretch
to ease minor discomfort caused by corns, bunions, bone spurs, etc.
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