Skate Rental

We offer high-quality rental skates, to accommodate feet ranging from Infant size 6 to Adult/Men's size 14, and every size in between, including European scale sizes!

You will need to wear or bring a thin pair of ankle length socks, and be able to tell us your normal shoe size. While most recreational skaters prefer to skate in rental figure skates (with a long stable blade), we also provide rental hockey skates for those who are comfortable balancing and stopping on a shorter blade.

Please Note: During Holiday Skating Season, we advise you to arrive 20-30 minutes ahead of the Public Session start time for best Skate Rental selection.

Ice Rental

Ice Rental is ideal for large groups, staff parties, scrimmages or practices, and broomball. Or shoot a movie, plan a wedding, or bring all your friends to "chill" at your Private Birthday event.

You can even rent the entire one-fifth-of-a-mile CooLLoop (that's four linked rinks), and work on breaking that Olympic Speed-Skating record you've seen on TV! You dream it up, we can probably arrange it, but permanent damage to the ice is not allowed. Think ICE, ICE, BABY.....

Outside Food or Drink is NOT allowed.

Availability varies seasonally, so book your reservation early.

Private Ice Rental pricing:

  • $250.00 per hour for full size ice rink (approximately 200ft x 85ft)
  • $100.00 per hour for studio ice rink (approximately 128ft x 30ft)
  • Contact our Events Office at 856-7595 ext. 10 for more information.

  • CooLLoop Ice Rental

  • all four ice sheet - $700 per hour

  • Broomball

    Broomball is a fun, non-contact team sport played on ice. It's similar to hockey, but...

  • Players wear tennis shoes with rubber soles instead of skates!
  • Goals are scored by hitting a 6" volleyball with a stick resembling a sawed off broom!
  • Each team can number between 5 and 20 players!
  • If there's a competition or problem in the office, solve it over a game of broomball! Bring your own opponent for a real grudge match!

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