Learn-To-Skate Program

The Outpost Ice Arenas sponsor classes through the United State Figure Skating Association (USFSA) Basic Skills Learn-to-Skate Program. Our ice skating program enables beginning skaters of all ages to learn the fundamentals of the sport.

Learn To Skate SCHEDULE

Private Instructors

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Fees Include:

Students enrolled in the Learn-To-Skate program automatically become members of the USFSA Basic Skills program. Each paid student receives:
  • Official Basic Skills Membership Card
  • Official Basic Skills Elements Record Book
  • Official Basic Skills Membership Patch
  • General Liability Insurance coverage
  • End of session Evaluation and Diploma

What Should Skaters Wear?

The ice arena is necessarily cold by design, so skaters should dress warmly in thin layers, sweaters, jackets, long pants, mittens or gloves. Layers may be removed as skaters warm up. Only one pair of socks, please (extra sox cause blisters)! Snowplow Sam skaters should wear dark clothing since instructors use magic markers on the ice as an instructional aid, which can transfer to clothing.

Class Conduct Guidelines

All skaters must check in at the registration desk to receive their nametag. Arrive at the arena at least 15 minutes before class begins. Parents or chaperones should watch class from the lobby or bleachers, so as not to distract from the class experience. Watching or side-coaching from the half-wall is not permitted, and may merit removal of skater from class. Parents with highly dependent children should consiser enrolling in "Parent-and-Me" section held concurrently.

Skill Level Evaluations

Our skating school director, Kevin Franchini, is always available to give recommendations as to what class level you or your child should take. Each student will be evaluated by her/his assigned instructor on the first day of each class, to ensure that the class level matches the student's ability. Each student will again be evaluated "mid-session" to identify any weak points that may need extra focus. An "end of the session" evaluation will take place on the final day of the class session, and instructor will recommend which level the skater should enroll in next. When all elements of a level are mastered, the student will earn a badge and advance to the next level.

Learn-To-Skate Instructors

All staff instructors are qualified, experienced, and required to hold memberships in one or more of the following professional skating associations: United States Figure Skating Association (USFSA); Professional Skaters Association (PSA); Ice Skating Institute of America (ISIA):U.S.A.Hockey

  • Kevin Franchini
  • Michaela Bateman
  • Andrea Corbet
  • Chelsea Erven
  • Claudia¬† Flugge
  • Isabel Gonzalez
  • Odetha Hill
  • Michele Jakubowski
  • Joni Jones
  • Krista Keay
  • Melissa Sotelo
  • Erin Tafoya
  • Romilly Tsinhnahjinnie


Snowplow Sam levels 1-3

He's big, he's fuzzy and he loves to skate!!! Snowplow Sam, the USFSA's own polar bear on skates, introduces preliminary moves to preschool age skaters not yet ready for Basic 1 level

Basic levels 1-8

Eight carefully-planned levels allow the beginning skater to feel comfortable on the ice while gaining the basic skating knowledge needed to advance into any of the next seven levels of the Skate with U.S. program.

Free Style levels 1-6

Skaters learn jumps, spins, and other exciting athletic moves.

Power Freestyle levels 1-4

Enables skaters to develop stamina and control on the ice, especially desirable for those interested in competing in figure skating

Figure levels 1-6

Teaches participants the footwork,timing, and dance holds necessary for learning basic ice dancing skills.

Team levels 1-6

Introduces skates to precision team skating and familiarizes them with elementary holds, formations and transitions.

Hockey levels 1-6

Designed to enhance power and speed and to incorporate stick handling, goal tending and skills of the game of hockey.

Power Hockey levels 1-6

Strengthens all aspects of the hockey skater: acceleration, control, and power

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